Buy Here Pay Here

Less than Perfect Credit?

We want to help you drive the vehicle you need and deserve!

The Condemi Motor Company Buy Here - Pay Here program is designed to get you the financing you may need, regardless of your credit history.

Condemi Motor Company wants to help you get on the road. Hundreds of our Buy Here Pay Here participants have found that the program is instrumental in helping them get the transportation they require, even if they have no credit history or impaired credit. All you need to do is to fill out a simple credit application, and the Condemi Motor Company Credit Support Specialists take care of the rest. We can also arrange regular and special financing for individuals who qualify. We can usually approve you right away, or within a few hours.

Requirements to take advantage of the Buy Here Pay Here program:

  • Valid drivers license
  • Down payment in full
  • Proof of valid auto insurance
  • Proof of residence: telephone, gas or electric bill
  • Proof of income: pay stub
  • Letter of employment if off payroll

Payments can be made at the Condemi Motor Company main office, and in cash, check or money order. You can also mail payments, or have them automatically debited off your credit or debit card. If you mail in payments please do not mail cash: mailed payments must be by check or money order. We also have a 24-hour drop box if you are making a payment after hours.

Fill out our Contact Us form or Call our Buy Here - Pay Here Program Specialists at 866-231-3613 to learn more about this innovative program.