Credit Acceptance


Condemi Motor Company - A Proud Partner of the Credit Acceptance Program

Find yourself struggling to buy a vehicle due to credit concerns? Shoppers with poor credit scores or zero established credit may run into these troubles frequently at other dealerships, but you can expect a very different experience when choosing to buy here at Condemi Motor Company.

Proud to partner with the Credit Acceptance Program, which allows for second-chance financing and credit flexibility when it comes to important automotive decisions, you can look forward to getting back on track and enjoying the financing freedom you're deserving of here in Lodi NJ.

Buy your Next Vehicle Confidently Despite Credit Concerns

If your credit history is subpar and you worry about your financing prospects, then you've come to the right place. Through our partnership with the Credit Acceptance Program, our finance experts can extend reasonable finance terms to shoppers with troubled credit histories without issue. It is our belief that previous mistakes and mishaps shouldn't deter you from owning the dream vehicle you've been keeping a close eye on.

These finance experts will work with you directly on the specifics of this finance plan to get you behind the wheel sooner rather than later. We value building a trustworthy relationship with all our customers, and this transparency goes a long way in delivering the type of dealership experience and car buying process you are meant for.

Consult our Team to Get Started on this Financing Program Today

Look past financing troubles and credit concerns to enjoy car buying freedom and flexibility under the guidance of our Credit Acceptance Program partnership. Learn more about program eligibility and how to get started by contacting our finance team directly over the phone or by stopping over soon!

Buy Here, Pay Here Financing at Condemi Motor Company

Financing a vehicle through a traditional lender comes with its own set of troubles. From credit restrictions to limitations in financing flexibility, you may find this standard process leads to greater stress and fewer results.

But with buy here, pay here financing at our dealership in Lodi NJ, these common complaints are no longer relevant! You can finance your vehicle directly at our dealership to cut this extra step out entirely, eliminate difficulties altogether and enjoy a near guarantee approval rate for the dream vehicle you are drawn to.

A Near Guarantee for Credit Approval

Shoppers with troubled credit histories may typically feel like car buying options are limited, but this outlook changes when choosing to work with our finance team directly. Our approval process is nearly guaranteed for the options you deserve and the flexibility that should come when choosing to purchase your next daily driver. We believe that poor credit histories shouldn't serve as a deterrent to prospective vehicle purchases for future commutes around Newark or Jersey City. This near guarantee credit approval provision helps to ensure that this potential limitation is no longer a relevant factor.

Advantages Over Traditional Lenders

With traditional lenders, even minor details can have a major impact on the financing you qualify for and the purchasing options you enjoy. Your credit history will directly factor into this equation, potentially closing off several avenues you could otherwise explore. Through our team and the buy here, pay here finance program, you will enjoy a much greater opportunity for credit pre-approval and financing approval.

Partners In Rebuilding Your Credit

Getting a loan with the help of Condemi Motor Company has never been more beneficial in repairing your credit.  Making your payments on-time with Credit Acceptance will help raise your credit score and allow us to refinance your loan.  Condemi Motor Company works with leading credit unions to get you the best rates possible while keeping your payment low.  Better cars.  Better financing.  Better experience.  All at Condemi Motor Company."