Nationwide Delivery

The Car You Want, The Delivery You Need

Buy Any Vehicle and Condemi Motor Company Will Ship It Nationwide!

Finding the perfect vehicle means not settling for a model that isn't you, even if it's many miles across the country. While our New Jersey dealership might not be your first choice if you're shopping from your home in California, we can still accommodate you with nationwide shipping today! Let us deliver your next vehicle right to your driveway!

How the Process Works

When we say we'll deliver your vehicle anywhere around the U.S., we mean anywhere! Our dealership calls Lodi, NJ, home, but that doesn't mean we can ship a vehicle you purchase online to your state!

First, you can start browsing our pre-owned inventory online and selecting the model you would like to purchase. Using digital retailing tools, you can build a payment plan that works with your budget and finalize the finance terms without leaving home.

Once you've built your payment plan for the vehicle you want, we can discuss shipping options. We work with several well-respected shipping companies to provide exceptional rates on shipping nationwide. For customers who shop from right here in New Jersey, delivery is free to your driveway! As you get farther away from our dealership, rates increase based on the distance traveled. We recommend reaching out to our team to discuss rates.

Start the Car Buying Process Today and Have Your Vehicle Delivered to You

With just a few simple steps, you can have the vehicle delivered right to your driveway. You can shop on a budget with our pre-owned inventory, and for a fee outside of New Jersey, we can ship your vehicle! With affordable shipping costs and safe delivery, we'll ensure that model arrives at your home safe and sound.

We're happy to ship cars nationwide and help you find the perfect fit today!

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